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If You Really Knew Me…

This year I have started a weekly blog challenge for my freshman English classes.  They have to submit to me a blog entry to be posted in a new blog I started for them , called Real Teens Writing What

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Running (from) Nutrition

Like a fool, I have grand plans to run a marathon in just 5 short weeks. Running a marathon is not the problem.  I crossed that one off my bucket list last year.  The folly is that, like many 2nd

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The Cost of Weight Loss

Something that no one ever warned me of on my weight loss journey was just how outrageously expensive that journey was going to be. Don’t get me wrong; I wouldn’t undo it for anything in the world. However here are

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I’m having one of those nights.  One of those I-want-to-eat-everything-in-sight-especially-if-it-contains-sugar-or-any-form-of-carb nights… In about a week, I will be hitting my two-year motivational anniversary.  Two years ago I finally got tired of being unhappy in my body.  Two years ago, shortly

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