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33 word challenge: Bedpost

Dyed scarlet pointe shoes dangle forlorn from the bedpost. Calves cramp. Sleep is fleeting. Tomorrow: a thousand calorie diet, a bruised self-image, and a shred of hope to be the next swan.   I ran across a really interesting blog

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Synthetic Sunshine

  The dull, murmuring, disillusioned memory gripped my confused conscience like a dull and scarlet icicle.   I flutter. A lost, childish soul in the perceptible tattered grip of intellectual possession. I am lost. Unbalanced. Cowering. Lost   My  elastic

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100 Book Challenge Book 8

You Hear Me?  Poems and Writing by Teenage Boys: Edited by Betsy Franco. This book is a collection of poetry written by teen boys and gathered by writing teacher Franco.  As a high school teacher, I found it to be

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