How To Build A Better Parent

This is the first time I’ve ever re-posted a post, but this woman, Brenda, who I do no know, is one of the most concise thoughtful bloggers I have run across. This particular essay seemed to have hit me at just the right time.

Here She Is Boys

No one likes to be told what to do. (Just ask a toddler if you don’t believe me.) But that hasn’t stopped anyone and everyone from proclaiming that you are not raising your children in the correct manner. There are books which chastise you for not being more French or feline. Newsstands are chock full of glossy instructional manuals. There was a time when parenting articles were bundled with home economics and fashion articles in ladies’ magazines. That will no longer do. The magazine industry (in all its floundering glory) has produced copious parenting titles. One needn’t purchase a magazine or book however; simply turn on the computer and enter the blogosphere/chat rooms/message boards that long to be heard.

Of course many of these sites are less interested in telling you what to do and much more concerned with daily affirmation. Are you having some doubt about sleeping in the…

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A mid-thirties teacher-husband-father-director from Ohio... attempting to finally commit to writing.

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2 comments on “How To Build A Better Parent
  1. brendatobias says:

    Thank you so much for the re-post and kind words!

  2. overextended says:

    Absolutely. I mean it. I think if we lived closer, we’d be friends. We seem to think on the same plane a lot.

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