Book Challenge Update Books 20-32

It has been a long time, and lots of things have prevented me from reading.  Now a broken collar-bone and an order to do nothing for the next month has certainly opened up my time.  So here’s the update.  Since I haven’t read some of these in a while, I’ll forgo long commentary on most of them (since Clint told me nobody reads them anyway…).

20-22. The Queen of Air and Darkness; The Ill Made Knight; The Candle in the Wind: T.H. White– I read this series with my Honors English Class.  I found it to be slow and dry often, but also felt like an honors student should have the Arthurian background.  It was a much better book to talk about and discuss than to actually read.

23. The Woods: Harlan Coben– I’ve read enough of his stuff now that it is becoming predictable.  However I still plowed through it in a day.

24. Counting on Grace: Elizabeth Winthrop– Cute piece of historical fiction regarding children working in textile factories. Great for the lower level reader.

25. The Fault in Our Stars: John Green– Love this author.  Love how he treats the mentality of teenagers suffering thorough the emotions and realities of terminal illness.  Powerful.

26. The Postcard Killer: James Patterson– My beach read.  Not to be insulting, I find Patterson to be pretty forgettable.  It has been a while and I remember precious little of this novel.  But it was entertaining.  It’s like watching an episode of Law and Order: entertaining story at the moment, but nothing so powerful that it sticks with you.

27. Looking For Alaska: John Green– Wow.  This is the one Green is known for.  I understand why.  Loved this book a lot.

28. Nickel and Dimed: Barbara Ehrenreich– I am so not into political books.  I find the agenda they attempt to expose is often overshadowed by their own agenda.  This book is kind of the same.  I saw her push for liberal unionization early on, so I couldn’t divorce the idea from what I was reading.  That being said, it made me think.  It made me think about how much we all struggle financially, and how most of us will struggle to ever come out ahead. It also made me really think about the things I buy in terms of  how many hours I had to work to buy it.  It also made me frustrated that giving up on work altogether and going on welfare is easier and more profitable than doing the right thing and working to make a living.  I don’t know how to solve it; I just know how to complain about it.

29. Deliver Us From Evil: David Baldacci I liked it at first.  His gore is always borderline too gory.  He might have crossed some lines, for me, in this book.  It was an exciting read (after I skimmed some the torture paragraphs), but the last 50 pages just turned into The Most Dangerous Game.

30. Amazed: Tony Howell Funny Play.  Directed it once. Redirecting it this fall.

31. Fahrenheit 451: Ray Bradury: In honor of  Bradbury’s passing, I read my favorite book of his.  I still love it.  I think I love it more the more times I read it.  His insight into human nature, as well as his amazing predictions of the future, will make this book truly timeless.

32. The Imaginary Invalid: Moliere– One of my favorites of his.  A fun play I did at the end of the year with my classes.


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One comment on “Book Challenge Update Books 20-32
  1. Waxy says:

    Hey I’ve read #25, #27 and #31 this year too! Of course I’m only doing 52 books this year not 100 you crazy kid!

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